ඌව අභිමානය “බදුල්ල” – Badulla

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Badulla is the capital of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. It  is located on the southeast of Kandy, almost encircled by the Badulu Oya River, about 680 metres (2200 Feet) above sea level and is surrounded by Tea plantations. The town is overshadowed by the Namunukula range of mountains (highest peak 2,036 metres above sea level).Trek to the Namunukula Mountains that offer some of the most enthralling views of the exotic beauty spots located in and around Badulla, Sri Lanka.

Badulla Road Mark

The capital of Uva Province is surrounded by paddy fields along the banks of the river Gallanda Oya. It has an old fort against a backcloth of mountains and a small lake.Badulla is one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka though there are no traces of the earlier settlement. The Portuguese once occupied it but set the town on fire before leaving.

At one time Badulla was an extremely active social centre for planters, with a racecourse, golf, tennis and cricket clubs, long since fallen into disuse. The park was once a small botanical garden. Notice the little stone grey Methodist church on the left. Major Rogers, an elephant hunter who died from a lightning strike is believed to have been buried in the cemetery. The clock tower celebrates the opening of a garment making factory by the late President Premadasa.

The Muthiyangana Vihare attributed to Devanampiya Tissa, the first Buddhist convert on the island, is thought to have a 2000 – year old ancient core. The Hindu Kataragama Devale was built in the 18th Century highland style in thanksgiving for King Vimaladharma’s Victory over the Porutuguese. Note the plaster-on-wood statues and wooden pillars of the ‘throne room’. There is also a revered Bo tree.Excursions The road north out of town, lined stalls selling limes, rapidly descends before reaching the island’s highest perennial waterfalls, 6km away.

East of the Central highlands ridge are the picturesque hills of Uva Province. Badulla draws Buddhist pilgrims from across the island during the festivals The climate of the triangle formed by Ella, Haputale & Welimada (in Badulla) is regarded by many Sri Lankans as the most favourable on the island. This is a marvellous walking country, where views, particularly at Ella & Haputale, formed by spectacular gaps in its precocious ridges. This is the market garden area where carrots, beans, brassicas including cabbages, broccoli, brussels sprout, cauliflower, turnip & many other fresh vegetables are grown, much of it for export to the Middle East.

Badulla Clock Tower

Badulla in Sri Lanka that is perpetually covered in a pleasant humid mist and The Badulla Blanket .The Badulla-Oya River wraps Badulla in a glistening silver ribbon. Sri Lanka arranges for you to visit the important Badulla such as the glittering Dunhinda Falls that are lovely cascades shrouded in romantic mist. You must try and visit these waterfalls that create the most fantastic and breathtaking cascades.

It was the base of Sinhalese princes who ruled the area under the king in Kandy before it became part of the British Empire. Later, it became the administrative hub of the British rulers. The city was the end point of upcountry railway line built by the British in order to take plantation products to Colombo.

Badulla is about 230km away from Colombo towards the eastern slopes of central hills of Sri Lanka. There are multiple routes to Badulla from Colombo, Kandy and Galle. From Colombo, one can travel Avissavella, Rathnapura, Balangoda, Haputale, Bandarawela and HaliEla along A4 and A16 to Badulla, which may take about 7 hoursFrom Galle, the best route is via Marata, Hambantota, Wellawaya, Ella, Demodara and HaliEla (route A2). From Kandy there are two routes. Either "Victoria-Randenigala-Rantabea Raja Mawatha" or Nuwara Eliya (route A5).For rail travellers from Colombo, Kandy and Nanu Oya (close to Nuwara Eliya) is surrounded by paddy fields along the banks of the river Gallanda Oya& has an old fort against a backdrop of mountains & a small lake.

Badulla is one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka though there are no traces of the earlier settlement. The Portuguese once occupied it but set the town on fire before leaving. you can see the ruins of dutch castle side of the Badulla Courts the place called VelleaKaddea. In contrast to the comparatively recently populated Highland region, Uva, which stretches across the plains as far south as Kataragama, is sometimes held to be the original home of the Kandyan civilization, whose people would have used the river valleys draining
into the River Mahaweli as a natural migration route into the hills. All routes are scenic and one can get splendid views of geography changes while travelling.

In colonial days Badulla thrived under the British, developing into a vibrant social centre complete with Horseracing, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, and Croquet. It was here that the local planters, who were known throughout the island as the merry men of Uva, lived up to their reputation. Such long gone days are a dim memory, but there is one place of interest that provides a reminder of the times. St. Mark’s Church at Badulla was built to commemorate Major Thomas William Rogers.

Park Botanical Garden A pleaant four-acre park away from the bustle of Badulla town.

May-Jun: Wesak and Poson full moon festivals with drummer, dancer and elephants. Sep: Esala Perehera at Muthiyangana Vihare when Veddas participate.

Namunukula Mountaineering, for exploring the Namunukula (nine mountains) Range between Ella, Passara and Badulla.

Local Car hire from Sugimal fast Foods, opposite Muthiyangana Viharaya and Railway station or Dunhida Falls Inn, T23028. Long distance Road Bus: frequent buses to Bandarawela, Colombo , Nuwara Eliya (2hrs), and to  Galle. Occasional buses to the east coast. Train to Colombo via Demodara (look out for the Loop!), Ella, Bandarawela, Haputale, Ohiya Udarata Menike, 9hr 45 min,Podi Menikea, 11hrs 15 min,12 hrs. Kandy Podi Menike 8 hrs. From Badulla, the A5 goes throgh Hali-ela, Where the A16 turn south to Demodara. This is also tea country and there is a tea factory here. The road then reaches the beautiful gap town of Ella.From the Bandarawela direction, travel northeast on the A16 Continues to Badulla(20km). Alternatively, it is a pleasant walk along the railway line. There are only a few train and the route is well used by local people.

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