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Some wild which can be seen in National park. The animals come down to the water in the evening, either in family groups or herds of 20 or so. The 'Marsh Elephants', an interesting sub-species significantly larger, are found in the marshy basin of the Mahaweli River also.


Following Animals Can Be Seen In Yala. 

Leopard Sri Lanka

SriLankan leopard or Panther (panthera pardus), The only big cat in Sri Lanka


SriLankan Elepahant - The Asiatic elephant (elephas maximus)


Chital (or spotted) Deer (axis axis)
Only about 90 cm tall, is seen in herds of 20 or so in grassy areas of the National park. The bright rufous coat spotted with white is unmistakable. The stags carry antlers with three tines.

Sloth Bear (melurus ursinus)



Peafowl (pavo cristata)

Crocadile (crocodilus palustrus)


Purple-faced Langur (presbytis senex)
Is only found in Sri Lanka. A long-tailed, long-legged monkey about 125cm in length (nearly half of it tail) it has a dark coat contrasting with an almost white head. Hair on the head grows long to from swept back whiskers, but the face itself is almost black. Usually seen in groups of a dozen or so, it lives mainly in the dense, damp mountain forest like Yala national park.