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The Town is pleasantly small, Density: 968/ with a reputation for a very good climate and is a good base for walks and for exploring the Uva basin. The rain shadow of the Central Highlands gives the place a drier southwest monsoon than the hills immediately to the west. The area is most renowned for tea and growing fruit. The straggling town however has little of interest to see. Its long wide main road slopes quite steeply down with lots of shops lining each side. It has a bustling market-town feel and is good for picking up supplies

View of the Bandarawela Town
Bandarawela Hotel (Aitken Spence), 14 Welimada Rd, on a hill overlooking main street near Cargill's supermarket at top end of town, 36 rather cramped rooms, including 1 deluxe and 1 suit with attached hot tubs in old tea planters club. retaining period furniture, rooms built around central courtyard, good gardens, passable restaurant, popular with groups, atmospheric colonial air
Population: 64, 657

Sinhala 46,843 - 72.42
Indian Tamils 10,521 - 16.26
Sri Lankan Tamils 3,647 - 5.63
Moors 3,127 - 4.83
Malays 267 - 0.41
Burghers 147 - 0.22
Other 123 - 0.19